The Glenorchy walkway and Lagoon track is a short but very beautiful flat walk in Glenorchy showing you some of the best views of  the Otago region. From snow capped mountains to reflection lakes and the turquoise Rees river, you can see it all during this family friendly walk. The 5 kilometres loop track is very easy to follow on wide, gravel paths and a wooden lagoon boardwalk. There is a lot of landscape variety and birdlife to see along this easy walk. And another huge plus are the scenic picnic table and cute benches with million dollar views. Glenorchy in general is absolutely worth a visit and this short walk makes it a perfect activity for young and old. Find here all you need to know about the Glenorchy walkway and Lagoon boardwalk. 

Glenorchy walkway key facts 

Before we get into the details of Glenorchy walkway let’s have a short look at the facts of this short and easy hike.

Hike distance and duration: Being a loop track the huge advantage is that you will see completely new views at every part of the walk. With only 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) return you can finish the Glenorchy walkway and Lagoon track in about 1 up to 2 hours. It is one of the easiest walks near Queenstown and perfect for an easy day trip. 

Difficulty and incline: There is no incline at all during the Glenorchy walkway and Lagoon track so you can bring young kids, Grandpa’s and Grandma’s, or plan this walk after or before a heavy hike to warm up the muscles. 

How to get to Glenorchy walkway 

From Queenstown to Glenorchy its about a 45 minute drive to the car park of Glenorchy Lagoon Scenic walkway. The drive along Lake Wakatipu is beautiful and considered some of the most beautiful roads in New Zealand. The car park where you have to go is called Glenorchy Waterfront car park and basically brings you to the centre of Glenorchy. You can explore many other things in this area which is highly recommended to do so before or after your walk. 

If you don’t have your own vehicle you can still explore Glenorchy with this private tour. You can customize this tour to your needs and fully enjoy the views along the way. Besides doing the Glenorchy walkway you can also explore some Lord of the Rings filming locations and drive further to Paradise to see the untouched landscape.


The Road to Paradise and Glenorchy is beautiful

Best time to do the Glenorchy walkway loop track

There isn’t a specific best time to do this walk, but clear weather will make the experience the best. Glenorchy is the gateway to Mount Aspiring National park so you want to see the snowy mountain peaks at least. A fine calm day will also help to see the reflections in Glenorchy lagoon. As usual you can expect the trail to be a bit busier during the midday and afternoon when tourists flock from Queenstown to Glenorchy for a day trip. 

What to expect during the Glenorchy walkway 

When you’ve parked your car at the Glenorchy Waterfront car park you will quickly see the trailhead of Glenorchy walkway. There is a very cosy cafe close by the parking lot called ‘The Trading Post’ which is the perfect spot for a caffeine shot before you head off for the walk. In my opinion is this cafe everything that’s Glenorchy about. With stunning views, delicious Patagonia coffee, home baked treats, locally sourced gifts and perfect souvenirs you have to check it out before or after your walk. 


The Glenorchy walk starts right at along Lake Wakatipu where you can also see the famous red Glenorchy Warf and the jetty with incredible views of the Humbolt Mountains and Kinloch Valley. 

As you walk along the shore of Lake Wakatipu on the wide gravel path you will quickly see the Rees River with it’s stunning mountain backdrop. You’ll follow this part of the trail for a short part before it takes you inland on the boardwalk. Every turn you make along this path, another beautiful view of Mount Aspiring National Park appears. We truly enjoyed this and couldn’t stop taking pictures!


Glenorchy boardwalk

The boardwalk leads you over tussock grassland towards Glenorchy lagoon with again stunning mountain views in front of you. The huge advantage of this boardwalk is that it protects nature and keeps your shoes dry and clean!


This is a wonderful part of the Glenorchy walkway as well with benches where you can sit in stillness and take in the views. We packed our lunch and sat on this bench for about 30 minutes, enjoying the incredible views and singing birds. 


Glenorchy jetty and mangrove trees 

The infamous red wharf of Glenorchy and its jetty are worth a visit before or after the lagoon walk. Inside the red Railway Shed you will find information about the history of Glenorchy and how it was used. The jetty provides stunning views over the lake and mountains and is a great photo spot. It was a great way for us to wrap up a beautiful day in Glenorchy.


Another thing you can’t miss are the beautifully lined mangrove trees in the shallow water with the mountain backdrop. Especially if you love landscape photography this is the spot where you want to go! 


Must do tours in Glenorchy 

Glenorchy is famous because of it’s stunning mountain views and glacier fed river. It has lots of fun activities to offer and some are a once in a lifetime experience such as the Helicopter tour with 2 landings and Dart river jet boat. Depending on your interest you can book different tours to see the best of this area.

  • Incredible helicopter tour & glacier landing in Glenorchy

    We personally did this tour and can’t recommend it enough!! Whether you’re a Lord of the Rings fan or not, this helicopter tour is a once in a lifetime experience! Flying over the breathtaking landscapes of Queenstown and Glenorchy, you will see the mountain range from the opening scene of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers,’ and feel like you’re in Middle-earth. Including 2 landings, you will experience remote places where you normally can’t get to. A once in a lifetime experience and totally worth the money! 

  • Dart River Glenorchy Canoe & Jet Boat Tour from Queenstown

If you come to Glenorchy you must include a tour on the Dart River with the jet boat! However, you have to secure your spot for the Dart River boat tour because they sell out quickly. Hop on a jet boat to explore the Dart river and then paddle your way through Mount Aspiring National Park in an inflatable canoe. Hotel pickup and drop-off plus picnic lunch and all equipment are included.

  • Lord of the Rings half day tour

    Fans of LOTR don’t want to miss this tour! You will visit multiple film locations around Queenstown and Glenorchy during this half day tour and learn about the landscape and its place in movie history from your guide. A morning or afternoon picnic is provided together with your transfer from central Queenstown.

  • Glenorchy tour from Queenstown

    The perfect day tour to Glenorchy including several Lord of the Rings filming locations on the road to Paradise. You don’t have to worry about driving the winding roads as your driver will do that for you. Experience the cute sleepy town of Glenorchy with its stunning views.

  • Glenorchy photography tour 

    If you’re interested in photography but you need some guidance to find the right spots in Glenorchy, then booking this photography tour is your solution! With a skilled photographer you will discover some beautiful locations in Glenorchy while learning how to take beautiful landscape images using your own equipment.


Earnslaw Burn helicopter landing, a once in a lifetime experience in Glenorchy!

Where to stay in Glenorchy

For peace seekers and nature lovers is Glenorchy the perfect place to stay for one or two nights. It doesn’t have much facilities in terms of restaurants and supermarkets, but therefore it is the perfect place to relax and take in the fantastic activities that Glenorchy has to offer. Here are the best places to stay in Glenorchy.

The Headwaters Eco Lodge Glenorchy

Surrounded by the mountain peaks of Mt Aspiring National Park the Headwaters Eco Lodge offers some of the most beautiful accommodation in Glenorchy. Breakfast and 3 course dinner is included with all accommodation types, so the only thing you have to care about here is which activity you’re going to do during the day!

Book your stay at the Headwaters Eco Lodge here


Glenorchy Lakehouse

For a private getaway in a luxury lakehouse with stunning mountain views is this your best option in Glenorchy. With four bedrooms varied with double and twin beds, this is the perfect vacation home for families or a group of friends.

Book your stay at Glenorchy Lakehouse here


Kinloch Wilderness Retreat

Located by the shores of Lake Wakatipu with stunning mountain views, Kinloch Wilderness Retreat offers a variety of rooms from dormitory rooms to queen rooms.

Book your stay at Kinloch Wilderness Retreat here


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