Stunning Emerald Pool Krabi & Krabi Hot Springs – Complete Guide

If you want to spend the day in nature, then the Emerald Pool Krabi and Krabi Hot Springs are the perfect option. Both are located in a beautiful rain forest and a welcome get away from the busier Ao Nang and Krabi town. The Emerald Pool Krabi is a beautiful and natural crystal lagoon located in the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Although the Emerald Pool is not very close from Krabi town or Ao Nang, it really is worth the day trip of about 65 kilometre one way. And you can combine a visit to the Crystal Lagoon Krabi with a visit to the Krabi hot springs! This natural phenomenon is on the way to the Emerald Pool, so it’s a perfect day tour combination. So let’s dive deeper into the Krabi Emerald Pool and Krabi Hot Springs. In this blog you’ll find everything on how to get there, what to expect and much more information!

Emerald pool and Krabi hotspring tours

Visiting the Emerald Pool and Krabi hotsprings is some of the must things to do in Krabi. But you can easily combine a day of exploring the highlights in Krabi with one of these tours. Below some of the best tours I recommend including some of the other amazing things to do in Krabi. All of these tours include air conditioned transport with hotel pick up and drop off, certified guides and sometimes also lunch and the entrance fees. You can reserve now and pay later, with cancellation up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

  • Private Emerald Pool & Tiger Cave Temple trip. Visit the 3 main attractions in Krabi during this private day trip. In a private air-conditioned car you will be driven to the Tiger Cave Temple, Emerald Pool and the natural hot springs.
  • Krabi Hotsprings Spa package. Pamper yourself and loved one with a peaceful day at the mineral hot springs to rejuvenate and relax. Experience an award-winning program using the science of hydrotherapy with the ancient art of Thai spa massage. Lunch and hotel transfers are included.
  • Hot Springs, Crystal Pool and Tiger Cave Temple Tour. Explore the Krabi jungle and its highlights. Dip into the crystal clear waters of Krabi’s Emerald Pool, hike the Buddhist Tiger Cave Temple for stunning views and explore a hot stream waterfall.
  • Emerald Pool, Blue Lagoon, Yoga & ATV Full-Day Tour. This private wellness-themed tour shows you Krabi’s natural wonders. Your day starts with a morning yoga session, followed by an ATV ride and then cooling off in the Emerald Pool.

How to get to Emerald Pool Krabi

Getting to the Emerald Pool is not a quick visit. On about 65 kilometre from Ao Nang where most of the hotels are located, are the beautiful Emerald Pools. So it’s a full day tour if you’re planning to visit the Emerald Pools and maybe combine it with the Krabi hot springs as well! Read more about the Krabi Hot Springs later on in this blog post.

If you’re comfortable enough driving a motorbike yourself on a longer distance, the best way to get there is with a rental motorbike. This gives you the freedom to go whatever time you want so you can avoid the crowds later in the morning and during midday. You can also arrange a private driver for the day with a group of people or book a day tour at a tour operator. 

Once you’ve arrived at the parking lot, it’s a beautiful walk through the Thung Teao Forest National Park before you’ll reach the Emerald Pool. So put on your sneakers or comfortable walking shoes and head on for a little hike!


Entrance fee for the Crystal Lagoon Krabi

The entrance fee for Emerald Pool Krabi is a bit high. Locals pay the entrance fee price of 20 Baht, while foreign tourists have to pay 400 Thai Baht. Also, if you need to use the bathroom, you need to pay 10 Baht too. Parking fee is 20 Baht for a motorbike and 30 Baht for a car.

Have you already secured your accommodation in Krabi?

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Best time to visit the Emerald Pool Krabi

If you want to enjoy the pools for yourself, or at least when there’s not too much people around, the best time to get there is in the morning during weekdays. Later on the day and especially after school time, there is a chance that local kids and families are gathering to enjoy their time off here. Also during weekends locals flock the Emerald Pools.

The opening times for the Emerald Pool Krabi are from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM every day, but only the Blue pool is closed from May to October. The reason is to give various bird species in that area an undisturbed time during their breeding period.

About the beautiful Emerald Pool Krabi

There are 2 paths leading from the entrance to the beautiful Crystal Pool Krabi. A shorter dirt road and a narrow twisty path through the forest and mangroves. This 2.7 kilometres nature trail leads you through the beautiful Thung Teao Forest which is rich in bio-diversity and therefore a perfect place to spot rare animals and plant species. So take your camera with you and keep your eyes peeled out!

You’ll walk along a series of small but crystal clear pools, such as the green pool called Sra Kaew (Glass Pool). But besides that you can also spot hundreds of different species of tropical trees and plants, waterfalls and streams. Once you’ve arrived at the Krabi Emerald Pool, you can take a dip to cool off from the hike and enjoy the beautiful nature surroundings including the stunning Blue Lagoon. But be careful because the rocks can get quiet slippery. There are ropes to help you get in and out, but water shoes would also be helpful.

If you walk about 600 meter further upstream from the Emerald Pool, you can see the crystal clear Blue Pool Krabi as well. But be aware, because this pool is closely located to the main source of the spring, it is not allowed to bath here as the water is way too hot and there’s quicksand.


Krabi Hot Springs

If you’ve planned to visit the Emerald Pool Krabi, you cannot miss to add the Krabi Hot Springs, Namtok Ron in Thai. You almost pass it on our way back, so make a turn to the hot springs which are located in the heart of a small jungle preserve.

How to get to the Krabi Hot Springs

The Krabi Hot Springs are about 65 kilometres from Ao Nang and 55 kilometres from Krabi Town located in the Khlong Thom district. But from the Emerald Pool its only 15 minutes on your way back. You will pass Krabi Airport and the Tiger Cave Temple on your way, so that might be a great addition for a full day exploring East Krabi. Of course you can also book one of the jungle tours including the entrances fees for Emerald Pool, Krabi Hot Springs and Tiger Cave Temple, lunch and a tour guide. 


Entrance fee Krabi Hot Springs

The entrance fee for the Krabi Hot Springs is 100 Baht per person and parking fee is 10 Baht.

About the Krabi Hot Springs

If you want to end the day in a relaxing way, a 30 minute dip in a natural hot tub jacuzzi is a must. The Krabi Hot Spring waterfall is located in a beautiful small rainforest with streams flowing down to create a waterfall of several natural spring water pools. It’s a super relaxing feeling with the warm water which is at a pleasant 35-42C. With stunning views on the river below, you can enjoy yourself bathing in the Hot Springs. Meanwhile the mineral salts of the spring water do their beneficial work for your skin. Later you can swim and cool off the river which is very pleasant after the hot spring! A very fun experience and an absolute must do in the Krabi Province. Do you want to experience a complete spa package including massage, lunch and more? Then you have to book this amazing experience

The water of the Krabi Hot Springs originates deep underground in volcanic chambers and creates these thermal springs. As believed, the mineral salts in the spring water have beneficial effects on the human skin. It would ease a number of (scientifically unproven) complaints such as skin disorders, rheumatism, sciatica and more. Although it’s unproven that these medical claims do ease a problem, it has definitely a positive impact on your mental health to lay in these stunning Hot Spring waterfall pools and watch the clouds pass by.

If you’re hungry don’t worry, because at both sites vendors are selling Thai food and drinks at the entrance until around 5.30 PM. Since its a nature park it is not allowed to bring plastic containers or plastic bottles into the park, so keep in mind to bring a refill bottle!

Awesome tours to do in Krabi

With plenty of things to do in Krabi you can either explore some of the spots on the mainland by yourself if you have own transport. But the most easy and carefree way of exploring Krabi is by booking tours. In this way your transport, program, a guide and sometimes lunch is taking care off so you can just enjoy without having to do the effort and research. Here some of the best tours in Krabi which I recommend:

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We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the beautiful Emerald Pool Krabi and relaxing the relaxing Krabi Hot Springs. If you have any questions, let us know!

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