You’ve seen so many reviews on youtube but still don’t know what camera, lens or drone to purchase to start shooting travel videos or travel vlogs…

You just bought a new camera capable to shoot 4K, went outside to make some stunning shots with it, but ended up with an amateurish looking video…

You just bought a new drone, are so happy and proud that you keep it up in the air but are wondering how to make those smooth shots…

You try to figure out what the difference is in shutter speed and frame rates…

You are wondering why your footage is so choppy..

You don’t understand how to get that blurry background…

You try to decide when to use which lens, and…what means that number exactly on a lens…

…so much to learn and to master…

We’ve been there…it’s a hopeless, overwhelming and frustrating feeling…how does everything work, how do they do it? So many tutorials out there…which one gives the right information..

Unfortunately, at this point, most people put their cameras away, or return it, or keep shooting in auto modus because it’s so convenient..THEY GIVE UP.


You are in a unique position to take control of your camera and understand how to use it and make those cinematic looking travel videos of your trip. A video you are proud of, and want to share it with everybody, your family, friends and of course, on social media!



THANK YOU for showing interest in our EBOOK. We are so excited to have you here because we love to share our knowledge with you on how to shoot a travel video!

Let’s give a quick overview of what this eBook will be about.

Right after the introduction, we’ll start with the first section what will be all about what gear you need to shoot your travel video and, based on budget, which gear we recommend to purchase. Camera’s, lenses, drones, and other equipment will be discussed!

The second section will explain in-depth how to understand your gear in terms of technical information. This is the most important section to control. We know from our own experience it can be frustrating to have a €2000 camera, but don’t know how to use it or get the best out of it.

The third part will be the creative section where you will learn the cinematic rules, camera movements and how to use natural light to create professional-looking footage of your adventures.

With the support of a lot of high-quality images and examples of what and how to do it, you will get all the necessary information in a pleasant way.





We provide a complete guide with only the information YOU NEED to START MAKING a travel video.

We keep it CLEAR and provide the information in an EASY way so you will UNDERSTAND HOW TO IMPLEMENT this in practice.

AFTER READING OUR EBOOK you will be amazed how much you’ve learned to produce CINEMATIC and PROFESSIONAL looking footage.

You will discover how MUCH FUN it is when YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

We are Atiba & Ilse, also known as Digital Travel Couple and wrote this eBook from our experiences we’ve gained in the challenging process of start making travel videos.

As little children we were always fascinated by cameras. Atiba can still remember how interested he was in old fashioned tape recorders. Seeing the process of how his parents captured the home videos and projected it on screen was always something that intrigued him.Ilse used disposable cameras one after the other and was always in the hunt to capture nature related images very differently what most children did that time. These memories awoke the new-found passion for video- and photography.

Also, we purchased a drone in 2017 and started making aerial videos and photos during our travels. Shortly after that, we purchased our first professional camera, the Panasonic GH5 and in a very natural way we fell in love with our new passion which is creating high-quality videos and photos of travel adventures! 

Because we love to share our work with other people we started our Instagram & YouTube channel. Over the time we’ve received amazingly positive feedback on our work and the people who followed us from the beginning were amazed by how steep our learning curve is in creating travel videos. 

From the first moment, we received a lot of questions about the gear we use and how to create travel videos as we do. We know from our experience there is not one simple answer to learn shooting travel videos. So our goal is to have a large part of your questions answered with the help of this ebook!