Ultimate Guide to the BEST DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software that has been used by professionals for years. As with any software, there are a lot of functions and tools to learn and eventually to master. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, especially when you’re working with deadlines. Fortunately, DaVinci Resolve has a range of keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and make your editing process more efficient. This will speed up your workflow and improve your productivity. In this article, I”ll cover the best DaVinci Resolve shortcuts. 


What are DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are keyboard combinations that perform specific functions in DaVinci Resolve. For example, instead of clicking on the “Cut” button in the toolbar, you can press a keyboard shortcut to perform the same action. These shortcuts can be used to perform a range of functions, such as navigating the timeline, editing clips, and color correcting footage. They are a quick and efficient way to navigate the software and can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Benefits of Using Shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve

There are many benefits to using shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Save time: Using shortcuts can speed up your workflow and save you time. Instead of clicking on buttons or navigating menus, you can perform functions with a simple keystroke.
  • Improve productivity: By using shortcuts, you can work more efficiently and get more done in less time.
  • Reduce strain on your hands: Repeatedly clicking on buttons can cause strain on your hands and wrists. Using shortcuts can reduce the amount of clicking you need to do and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Learn the software faster: Learning shortcuts can help you become more familiar with the software and its functions. It can also help you remember the different functions and tools available.

The Most Useful Shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve

Here are some of the most useful shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve, organized by function and purpose. Please take in mind Ctrl is the control button for Windows users and Cmd is the command button for Mac users.

1) Basic DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts:

  • Cut: [Ctrl/Cmd + X]
  • Copy: [Ctrl /Cmd + C]
  • Undo: [Ctrl/Cmd + Z]
  • Redo: [Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z]
  • Paste: [Ctrl/Cmd + V]
  • Paste Attribute: [Alt/Option + V]
  • Select All: [Ctrl/Cmd +A]
  • Deselect All: [Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A]

2) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for File Handling:

  • Save: [Ctrl/Cmd + S]
  • Save As: [Ctrl /Cmd + Shift + S]
  • New Bin: [Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + N]
  • New Timeline: [Ctrl/Cmd + N]
  • Import Project: [Ctrl/Cmd + I]
  • Export Project: [Ctrl/Cmd + E]
  • Deselect all tracks: [Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A]

3) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Editing:

  • Trim: T
  • Blade: B
  • Razor: Ctrl/Cmd + B
  • Pointer: A
  • Insert edit: F9
  • Overwrite edit: F10
  • Replace edit: F11
  • Place on top edit: F12
  • Delete: Backspace
  • Dynamic trim mode: W
  • Trim mode: T
  • Select clips forward: Y
  • Edit point type: U
  • Snapping on/off: N
  • Add transition: Ctrl/Cmd + T
  • Set Mark In: I
  • Set Mark Out: O
  • Mark Clip: X
  • Add Marker: M
  • Delete Selected: Backspace
  • Select Nearest Edit Point: V
  • Select Blade: B
  • Snapping on/off: N
  • Toggle Slide & Slip Mode: S
  • Add Parallel Node: Alt/Opt+P
  • New Timeline: Ctrl/Cmd+N
  • New Bin: Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N
  • Add & Modify New Marker: Ctrl/Cmd+M
  • Modify Marker: Shift+M
  • Delete Marker: Alt/Opt+M
  • Fit to Fill: Shift+F11
  • Audio Scrubbing: Shift+S

4) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Playback/Navigation:

  • Play (forward): [L]
  • Play (reverse): [J]
  • Stop: [K]
  • Go to first frame: [;]
  • Go to last frame: [‘]
  • Go to previous keyframe: [
  • Go to next keyframe: ]
  • Next clip: Down arrow
  • Previous clipUp arrow

5) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Marking:

  • Set mark in: [I]
  • Set mark out: [O]
  • Mark clip: [X]
  • Add Marker: [M]

6) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Nodes:

  • Disable/Enable Current Node: Ctrl/Cmd+D
  • Disable/Enable All Nodes: Alt/Opt+D
  • Bypass all grades: Shift+D
  • Previous Node: Shift+Alt+;
  • Next Node: Shift+Alt+’

7) DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts for Views and Displays:

  • Zoom to Fit: Shift+Z
  • Full-Screen Viewer: Shift+F
  • Cinema Viewer: Ctrl/Cmd+F
  • Retime Controls: Ctrl/Cmd+R
  • Loop/Unloop: Ctrl/Cmd+/

DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts Customization

DaVinci Resolve allows you to customize shortcuts to suit your editing style and workflow. This can be especially useful if you find yourself frequently using certain functions that don’t have a default shortcut assigned to them.

To customize shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve, follow these steps:

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve and go to “Keyboard Customization” in the “Preferences” menu.
  2. Select the Application category of shortcuts you want to customize (“File”, “Edit,” “Color,” “Fusion,” etc.).
  3. Find the function you want to customize and click on the “Keystroke” button next to it
  4. Press the key or key combination you want to use as the shortcut.
  5. Click “SAVE” to save your changes.

You can also export and import shortcut mappings, which can be useful if you want to use the same shortcuts across multiple machines or if you want to share your custom mappings with others. Just select the three dots in the right upper corner from the Keyboard Customization Panel and select “Save as new Preset”. You can export and import other keyboard shortcut presets through here as well.


Tips for Learning DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts

Learning shortcuts can take some time, but with practice, you can become proficient at using them. Here are some tips for learning DaVinci Resolve shortcuts:

  1. Start with the basics: Begin by learning the shortcuts for the most common functions, such as play/pause, cut, and undo. As you become more comfortable, you can start learning more advanced shortcuts.
  2. Use cheat sheets: There are many cheat sheets available online that list the most common shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve. Print one out and keep it next to your computer for easy reference.
  3. Practice, practice, practice: The more you use shortcuts, the more familiar you will become with them. Practice using shortcuts whenever possible, even if it takes longer than using the mouse.
  4. Create your own shortcuts: If there is a function that you use frequently and doesn’t have a default shortcut assigned to it, create your own shortcut.
  5. Take a course: There are many online courses and tutorials available that can teach you how to use DaVinci Resolve shortcuts. Consider taking a course to learn more about shortcuts and other editing techniques.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using DaVinci Resolve Shortcuts

While using shortcuts can be a great way to speed up your workflow, there are some common mistakes to avoid. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Using too many shortcuts: While shortcuts can be useful, it’s important not to overuse them. If you’re constantly switching between the mouse and keyboard, it can slow you down and make editing more difficult.
  2. Using the wrong shortcut: Make sure you’re using the correct shortcut for the function you want to perform. Using the wrong shortcut can lead to mistakes and slow you down.
  3. Forgetting to save: When you’re working quickly, it’s easy to forget to save your work. Make sure you save your project regularly to avoid losing any changes.
  4. Not customizing shortcuts: If you find yourself frequently using a function that doesn’t have a default shortcut assigned to it, create your own shortcut. This can save you time and make editing more efficient.

Why would you use DaVinci Resolve for your video editing

DaVinci Resolve is a feature-rich video editing software that is used by professionals in the film and television industry. The last years the software is more and more used by small filmmakers and hobbyists as well. In the beginning especially for the advanced color correction tools. But now a lot of editors are making the full switch to Davinci Resolve. I made the switch to Davinci Resolve around 3 years ago and I’m so happy I did. Here are some reasons why you might choose to use DaVinci Resolve for your video editing needs:

Reasons to start using DaVinci Resolve

  1. Comprehensive tools: DaVinci Resolve offers a wide range of tools for editing, color correction, audio editing, and visual effects. This makes it a great all-in-one solution for video editing.
  2. Collaboration: DaVinci Resolve allows multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously. This can be useful for teams working on larger projects.
  3. Cross-platform support: DaVinci Resolve is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  4. Free version: DaVinci Resolve offers a free version with many of the same features as the paid version. This can be a great option for hobbyists or those on a budget.
  5. Speed: DaVinci Resolve is known for its fast rendering times and real-time playback capabilities. This can save you time and improve your overall editing workflow.
  6. Professional-grade color correction: DaVinci Resolve is widely used in the film and television industry for its advanced color grading capabilities. If color correction is a priority for your projects, DaVinci Resolve may be the right choice for you.
  7. Flexibility: DaVinci Resolve allows for flexible workflows, including proxy editing and support for multiple resolutions and frame rates. This makes it easy to work with footage from a variety of sources.
  8. Stability & updates: Davinci resolves is a very stable software platform, especially compared to Adobe Premiere Pro. I would lie if I say it would never crash but the great thing is you’ll never lose the progress of your edit when it does. Where I crashing issues with Premiere Pro every day, Davinci Resolve on average crashes 1-2 times a month. Also, upgrades are very often released and Davinci never launches an update just for bug fixes. Each update brings extra or improved features to make the software more comprehensive and efficient.

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Using shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve can save you time, improve productivity, and reduce strain on your hands. By learning the most useful shortcuts and customizing them to suit your editing style, you can become more efficient and proficient at using the software. Remember to practice regularly and avoid common mistakes to get the most out of shortcuts in DaVinci Resolve.

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