Canggu is food heaven and there are great restaurants everywhere! Every restaurant in Canggu is so nicely decorated with boho Bali vibes and lots of plants. With the mostly bamboo, rustic, industrial interior it’s easy to feel at home in almost every Canggu restaurant. All restaurants in Canggu are daily open and also offer take away or delivery with GoJek.
After living in Bali for 9 months, and in particular Canggu, we literally have tried EVERY restaurant in Canggu. Therefore I decided to not give you a short list of the’10 best Canggu restaurants’, but to give you my recommendations about the best restaurants in Canggu per category. So I’ve divided all different types of food in categories like ‘Best smoothie bowl in Canggu’, ‘Best pizza in Canggu’, ‘Best Mexican in Canggu’ etc. So, in this blog post you will find a huge list with different restaurant recommendations per category in Canggu. 

Best smoothie bowls in Canggu

A smoothie bowl a day, keeps the doctor away. Haha, that’s my saying since we discovered Canggu and its amazing smoothie bowl cafes. After living in Canggu for more than 9 months and eating a smoothie bowl for breakfast (almost) every single day, I think I became a bit of a ‘Canggu smoothie bowl expert’ haha! That means I became super picky in how the perfect smoothie bowl should taste. And I only write TASTE because even though a smoothie bowl looks like art but tastes like nothing, it’s only nice to look at. And food needs to taste GOOD. 

So what makes a smoothie bowl good? The most important thing is in the name itself. A smoothie bowl needs to have a SMOOTH base. Often there is frozen fruit used to create the base with a bit of milk. And, depending on the flavour you choose some other ingredients. Unfortunately, some restaurants in Canggu think that a smoothie bowl needs to be really cold and they put a lot of ice cubes in the blender. This results in a brain freeze on the early morning and chewing on little crunched ice cubes. Not tasty at all!

But luckily there are still cafes in Canggu who do understand how to make an amazing tasty smoothie bowl. So here’s my top 6 of the best smoothie bowls in Canggu!

Milk and Madu; the most amazing creamy smoothie bowl in Canggu. I love their peanut butter cup as it’s super filling, smooth and has a delicious taste. Lots of toppings and not icy at all.


The Milk and Madu smoothie bowl is one of our favorites in Canggu!

Rise and Shine; the most fruit topping on a smoothie bowl in Canggu. You only have two choices of smoothie base, I love Mango the most. They also have amazing fluffy pancakes! 


The fruity Rise and Shine smoothie bowl and their amazing pancakes called ‘Barrel rolls”

Duatiga; best price quality value. Different choices on the menu, eventually with an extra scoop of protein power.

Secret Spot; they used to have my number 1 smoothie bowl, but because they changed some ingredients of the smoothie bowl and add way too much ice nowadays, their smoothie bowls are still one of the better, but not the best anymore. Now I sometimes find big ice chunks in the smoothie bowl with always the same excuse of the staff: “blender is not working well”…


Secret Spot peanut cup smoothie bowl and their delicious waffles!

Living Food Lab; super healthy organic kitchen, interesting choices with spirulina and other ingredients like different kinds of oils.

Gypsy kitchen + Bar; located on the crossing of Jl Batu Mejan, close to Echo beach (also known as Pantai Batu Mejan), Gypsy is a great breakfast spot after a beach walk. They serve a varied and colorful smoothie bowl menu with unique flavours.


Gypsy Kitchens colorful smoothie bowl and coffee

Best vegan Canggu restaurants

Canggu is heaven for vegans! There are so many restaurants in Canggu that have vegan options, or are completely vegan with very tasty dishes. Below our most favorite vegan Canggu restaurants!

Secret Spot; a great and varied vegan choice on their menu, also yummy treats in their glass show case! 

Shady Shack; a cute garden with an extensive menu of all kind of different and creative vegan dishes. Everything we every ordered here was super good and especially tasteful! Before eating at Shady Shack, we didn’t know vegan food could be so tasteful! 

Peleton; so much yummy vegan food on the menu! Their bowls are amazing and with so much taste! A bit pricier than other vegan restaurants, but it’s worth it!

Manggis; newly opened at the end of 2019, with unique vegan meals and a stylish interior a great place to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or work and eat!

Alkaline; they serve MSG free healthy, raw vegan food. Everything on the menu is fresh and will satisfy your taste buds!

Best fish & sushi restaurants in Canggu

Fish is something we all like to eat sometimes, except vegans of course. Luckily in Canggu there are some great fish or sushi restaurants! And it doesn’t have to be expensive 🙂 

Moana Fish eatery; for around 80 000 IDR (€5) you will get a delicious fish meal with rice, vegetables and a tasty sauce depending on your meal.

Ji sushi; more high end sushi and prices. You will pay around 500 000 IDR (€30) to have dinner here with 2 persons (including drinks and dessert, which you can’t skip here!!)


Sushi at Ji restaurant

Fishbone Local; a fish restaurant really close to Pantai Batu Bolong, they serve creative seafood dishes & house cocktails in industrial-chic confines.

Warung sushi; the cheapest sushi in Canggu, but so good! The owner of Warung Sushi worked in  prominent sushi restaurants, and now started his own “Warung sushi”. Really great sushi and priced start from 40 000 IDR for a sushi roll of 8 pieces.

Best Western dinner in Canggu

Sometimes you just want some healthy western orientated food, like a good piece of tenderloin with potatoes or some barbecued chicken with vegetables. Here a list of our favorite restaurants which offer good meat, chicken and other dinner options.

Tropikale; our favorite restaurant to order tenderloin with vegetables and mashed potatoes. They have lots of other options on the menu, also fish and chicken dishes.

Milk and Madu; besides their very good pizza’s and smoothie bowls, Mild and Madu also serves other meals like spiced lamb, poaches chicken breast, gourmet burgers, pastas and salad bowls. Enough choice for everyone!

Savage Kitchen; located on Jl Pantai Berawa, Savage Kitchen is a great place in Canggu when it comes to (casual) fine dining. From Australian Rib Eye steak or 24hr slow cooked beef brisket to lobster spaghettini and Canggu’s best craft cocktails, the Savage Kitchen serves some unique dishes. On Friday they have happy hour deals with 2-for-1 craft cocktails from 4pm to 10pm.

Warung Gouthe; if you fancy barbecued meat (or chicken) on a huge skewer with homemade fries and a salad, Warung Gouthe is your go to. You can compose your own dish with the choices on their menu. 

Gypsy kitchen; not the most extensive dinner menu, but very tasty dishes. More than half of the dining menu is seafood focussed, the other meals are salads, pumpkin pasta (which is very good and tasty!) and roasted chicken. 

Canggu restaurants with a beautiful view

Only a few Canggu restaurants offer a really nice view on the rice fields or the ocean. Most of the restaurants in Canggu are inside or without a view. Here a few of the options of Canggu restaurants with a view.

Cinta; has a beautiful view on the rice fields.

Milu by Nook; also a beautiful view on rice fields and a lovely garden. Almost gives you the feeling as if you’re sitting IN the rice fields!

Ithaka warung; impressive view on the beach of Pantai Batu Bolong from their rooftop terrace! 

Ji restaurant; located at the opposite of Ithaka Warung you will have a beautiful sunset view from their outdoor terrace. Sushi is high end and very tasteful! 

I am Vegan Babe; with seating upstairs and below, you will have a beautiful view on the surrounding rice fields in central Canggu!


The rice field view from I Am Vegan Babe

Fine dining in Canggu; the more luxury, culinary restaurants

If you have a special occasion or just fancy a dressed up, culinary dinner, there is enough choice in Canggu. Or go to Seminyak to find more options! If you want to dine with direct views on the ocean with sunset for example! Be prepared to pay serious money, as these restaurants are mostly part of a beach club, for example Breeze which is part of the resort and beach club The Samaya. 

Ulekan; serves the best Indonesian delicacies in Canggu. Rich heritage and flavors of the Indonesian Archipelago with traditional favorites such as Beef Rendang, Gado Gado, Sate Ayam, Kare Laut and much more can be found here in small plates to share.

Savage Kitchen; the place to be in Canggu when it comes to (casual) fine dining.

Ji Restaurant; with a beautiful view on Canggu beach and the sunset, Ji restaurant is a great spot for sushi lovers.

Indigo Japanse restaurant; sushi that is so nicely decorated and served with lots of details and attention. A feast for the eye and taste!

Best toast / sandwich Canggu restaurants

Please, give me a bread… We all crave for carbs some time and fancy an Avo toast or sandwich. Here you’ll find the restaurants offering the best variations with bread, sandwich or toast.

Crate Cafe; one of the most popular Canggu restaurants! It’s always super busy here, every morning we see a line of people waiting to order. Their concept is simple but works very good. You order and pay at the counter, the menu is written on the wall. You get your number and wait at a table until your healthy food is being served! Sandwiches, salads, smoothie bowls, juices or smoothies, Crate Cafe offers a lot of yummy breakfast and lunch options!

Banh Mi & Beans; delicious Vietnamese sandwiches! Really worth it to try them, a great quick lunch or snack!

Oka’s bakery; with a bakery at the shop, they sell amazing freshly baked bread! But also from the menu you can order tasty meals with bread.

Ximmor; they make everything fresh in the kitchen, even the bread! So you maybe can imagine how good their bread / sandwiches taste! Highly recommend to try out!

Avocado Factory; with all dishes inspired by Avocado, this restaurant is heaven for Avo on toast lovers!

Best fitness protein whey smoothies in Canggu

For the fit people who train a lot and in need of extra proteins… Luckily there are a few restaurants in Canggu that have protein shakes on their menu. We tried all protein shakes ourselves, so here our recommendations!

Motion cafe; clean eating is what they sell. With a few protein shakes on their menu and lots of fitness food, Motion cafe is where “the fit people” in gym clothes eat. I love their gainer shake which is huge and full of good stuff. It’s a bit pricey, but also super tasty and really fuels your body after a workout.

Vida; vegan protein shakes with lots of other healthy supplements! Really worth the price because it fuels your body for some hours.

Doppio; a more affordable protein shake from around 50 000 IDR, super tasty and good! Extra plus is that they are right next to Bali Body Factory gym located.

Body Factory Bali restaurant; the Body Factory Bali gym has its own restaurant next to their gym with great coffee, smoothie bowls and of course protein shakes!

Our tip: If you quickly want to get a simple and cheap protein shake, go to Surya Gym on Jl. Tanah Lot. For 25K you will get a Vanilla or Chocolate protein shake with a banana, ice and water. It’s nothing fancy, but does give you the protein you need after a work out and is way cheaper in comparison to the other protein shakes which often start around 55K.

Best Canggu warungs; small price, full plate

For a small budget or just a quick, simple meal, there are enough warung options in Canggu. Most you can order your Indonesian mail from behind the glass. Or you have to scoop up food yourself so you can decide the amount you want to eat yourelf.

Warung Varuna; you will find Varuna at the busy Batu Bolong street. You can choose your Indonesian dish from behind the glass, or order from the menu. 

Warung Cucu; very close to Pantai Batu Bolong located, this warung has a lot of choice and a great price quality value. They even serve pizzas!

Warung local; perfect for a quick and cheap meal like Nasi Goreng or another Indonesian meal.

Warung Tiga; a little more expensive than the other warungs, but more variation to choose from. The food is in our opinion of a better quality than the other warungs. You can also order from their menu and the juices are delicious!

Warung Dandelion; eating at Warung Dandelion is an experience in itself. With rabbits hopping around freely, the staff that gives very warm welcomes and the feeling as if you’re eating in a garden at somebody’s home makes this a very personal experience!

Warung Ithaka; with amazing view on Batu Bolong beach and the sunset, this must be the warung in Canggu with the best view!

Best Italian restaurant in Canggu

Don’t we all crave pizza or pasta somedays?! Luckily the Italian restaurants in Canggu are really really good! Maybe it’s because the restaurants are mainly operated by Italian owners or managers. However, you won’t be disappointed with eating pizza or paste in Canggu! Here our favorite Italian restaurants summed up below.

La Baracca; we think they have (together with Milk and Madu) the best pizza’s in Bali! We love the taste, the crunch and the toppings of both restaurants. At La Baracca you will get a free Limoncello shot with the receipt. 

Milk and Madu; maybe chicken doesn’t belong on a pizza, but that doesn’t matter when you taste the BBQ chicken of Milk and Madu! No but serious, if you love BBQ chicken and pizza, this will be your choice!
Bonus tip: on Sunday and Tuesdays they have 2 for 1 pizza night!

Fabbrica; they say they have the second best pizza in Bali! Their crust is thin, which is personally not my favorite. But, the taste of their pizzas is very good!!

DaRomeo; fashionable Italian dining with small Italian bites and tasty pizzas!

Best Mexican restaurant in Canggu

Sometimes you just want to eat something else than Indonesian or Western food. Well, luckily there are a few Mexican restaurants in Canggu that offer great and tasty burrito’s, fajita’s and other Mexican stuff!

Lola’s Kitchen; located along the short cut, you may have passed Lola’s kitchen several times, It’s really worth it to have a Mexican dish here, their Fajita’s are amazing! But don’t go here for the smoothie bowls, we tried them but they had waaaay too much ice cubes in it! 

La Bandida; very yummy Mexican tapas, salads, tacos, burgers & bocatas. 

Taco Casa; a simple restaurant but they serve good enchiladas, soft or crispy tacos, quesadillas, taco salad bowls, fajitas etc.

Sizzle Wraps; we love Sizzle wraps! They have the best Mexican wraps in Bali, so tasty! They also serve other good Mexican food! Lovely garden in Canggu to relax and eat.

Best work cafes in Canggu

With many Digital Nomads living in Canggu, you will see often enough people with laptops working in restaurants and cafes. Most of the cafes are fine with that, but as Digital Nomads ourselves, we are always aware of how busy a place is. If we need to make space for other guests, we do that.

Although it is mostly an ‘unwritten rule’, it is expected to order food if you come to work in a cafe. We heard stories of restaurant owners about Digital Nomads who were working for 3-4 hours in their restaurant, making use of their fast WiFi, only ordered 1 coffee (or even nothing!), asked to refill their water (which was free) all the time and leave. That’s not the way how it should be. Have respect to the restaurants owners when you want to make use of their space and internet 🙂 But here our most favorite work spots in Canggu!

Zin Cafe; here you have a dedicated spot separated from the restaurant itself for Digital Nomads. There are enough spots to sit, and at every table there are many sockets. You have to order yourself at the counter and pay, the staff will then bring your drink or food to the working spot, but won’t take orders there. It’s a really chill vibe, especially because everyone there is coming to actually work. There is water refill available for free, food is good but pricey,

Cinta; with a beautiful view on the rice fields at Cinta’s ‘back yard’, this cafe serves tasty healthy and quality food. Mostly around lunch time it’s getting very busy, but it depends per season. Underneath the bench are sockets and a huge plus is that they give free water!

Duatiga; with great smoothie bowls on their menu, good coffee and great Thai and Vietnamese food, Duatiga was for a long time one of our favorite Canggu restaurants to work. 


Duatiga food is super tasty and something different!

Ximmor; with fresh healthy food and great work spots, Ximmor quickly became a Digital Nomad favorite! Internet is super fast, the chairs are comfortable with a table at good height and sockets everywhere!

Living Food Lab; with an upstairs co-working space dedicated for Digital Nomads, Living Food Lab is still a kind of ‘gem’ to work and eat. Super fresh, organic and varied meals, an air-conditioned room and enough spots to sit, this restaurant in Berawa is one of our favorite Canggu restaurants to work and eat. Their policy is simple and smart: if you want to work for one hour in their co-working space, you have to order for at least 50 000 IDR per person. If you want to work for 2 hours or more, you have to order for 100 000 IDR per person.

Best new coming restaurants in Canggu 2019 / 2020

New restaurants keep popping up in Canggu almost every week. Below the newest restaurants in Canggu 2019 – 2020 who made it to our favorites.

Penny Lane; amazing boho decoration with a raw twist. You can see the owners put a lot of effort in styling and decorating this place. It is truly and “Instagrammable spot in Bali”.

Clear Cafe; slide down the pole or slide from the upstair restaurant to the exit door. Such a fun attribute to this restaurant which offers very healthy, organic and clean foods! Clear Cafe began in Ubud but now also has a space in Canggu close to Echo Beach.   

Ximmor; this restaurant was from the beginning kind of ‘stamped’ as the best new coming Digital Nomad work & eat spot. With perfect ingredients like a long table with sockets, comfortable chairs, aircon and very fast wifi, many Digital Nomads tried out Ximmor and came back many times. Their food is from a very good quality with fresh ingredients. They even have home made ice cream, croissants and Belgium waffles because the owners are Belgium!

Manggis; all vegan restaurant but with unique dishes on the menu! A stylish restaurant with beautiful garden, heaven for vegans!

Doppio; a cute little cafe right next to Bali Body Factory. Tasty smoothie bowls, pancakes and other foods. Good coffee, protein shakes and other drinks, really good price quality value!

Claybones; only opened in the first quarter of 2020, Claybones is the newbie in Canggu. With a promising menu and interior, a great addition to one of the better restaurants in Canggu!

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We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about the best Canggu restaurants! If you have any questions or other recommendations, let us know in the comments!

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