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45 BEST RESTAURANTS IN UBUD – The Ultimate Guide

Ubud is the spiritual heart of Bali and has some of the best restaurants of the island. There are plenty of options for vegan restaurants, but you’ll also find here some of the best steak restaurants in Bali, two of Indonesia’s most award-winning fine-dining restaurants and cafes and restaurants with some amazing rice terrace or jungle views. We have lived in Ubud for more than 5 months and tried almost every restaurant, cafe and Warung. Therefore we present you hereby our ultimate guide with the 45 best Ubud restaurants!

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General travel must haves for Bali

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If you’re looking for just a quick summary of the best restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the best coffee shops in Ubud, then I got you covered. Find below the best restaurants in Ubud per category. If you want see pictures of the food and drinks, read more about the restaurant and our experience, then scroll down!

Best coffee in Ubud

  • Suka 
  • Anomali
  • Kafe
  • Dharma
  • Mother (try the ginger bread latte!)
  • Usha
  • Seniman
  • Blend 

Best smoothie bowl in Ubud

  • Blend Cafe
  • Suka
  • Mother
  • Dharma
  • Mudra

Best brunch restaurant in Ubud

  • Zest 
  • Suka
  • Lazy Cats
  • Mother 
  • Dharma

Best vegan restaurant Ubud 

  • Zest
  • Alchemy
  • Sage
  • Seeds for life 
  • Dharma 
  • Sayuri Healthy Food

Best restaurant for dinner in Ubud 

  • Kemulan for Indonesian food
  • Kafe 
  • Muse Cafe & Art
  • Batubara Woodfire for the best steak in Ubud 

Best cafe’s in Ubud with rice terrace view or jungle view 

  • Pomegranate Cafe Ubud
  • Tropical Ants 
  • Sweet Orange Warung  
  • The Sayan House 
  • Pukako Panini & Coffee
  • Swept Away Ubud

Best cafes en restaurants to work as Digital Nomad in Ubud 

  • Clear Cafe
  • Zest
  • Anomali
  • Mother
  • Bitter Sweet

Romantic dinner and floating breakfast in Ubud 

For a special occasion it’s a great idea to book a romantic dinner on a unique location. Dining on a forest tree deck above the jungle of Ubud is one of the dining experiences in Ubud which will give an unforgettable romantic evening. Enjoy a 6 course meal surrounded by the tropical forest of Ubud and under the glistening stars. Book this special dinner here!

Another fantastic experience in Ubud is a floating breakfast which you can book here. But there is even another activity which will take place after the floating breakfast. A hot air balloon flight above the jungle of Ubud! A perfect way to start a special day, such as birthday, honeymoon, anniversary, or just to celebrate life.


Awesome tours to do in Ubud 

Besides eating at the best restaurants in Ubud, it is also a must to explore the beautiful nature and fun activities which you can do around Ubud. Find here some of the best tours I recommend. Because of Bali’s popularity it is highly recommended to book your tours in advance as it is likely that tours sell out. So don’t wait with booking until you get to Bali. Choose your favorite tours here and secure your booking! All of these tours include air conditioned transport with hotel pick up and drop off, certified guides and sometimes also lunch and the entrance fees. You can reserve now and pay later, with cancellation up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

Best restaurants in Ubud for breakfast and lunch

Suka Espresso 

One of our favorite cafe’s in Ubud and a must try! If you love strong but smooth and tasty coffee then Suka is your go to. They serve high quality Indonesian specialty coffee and in combination with the diverse food menu inspired from across the world, there is something to choose for everyone. Whether you fancy a light, sweet breakfast or savoury big lunch, Suka got you covered. With three branches in Bali, you can enjoy the quality food and great coffee of Suka in Uluwatu, Canggu and Ubud. Definitely some of the best places to eat in Ubud!



Mother is a cozy cafe with fresh dishes during the day and traditional, slow cooked recipes by night. With a very extensive menu you have plenty of choice between sweet and savoury brekkies, egg dishes and several dinner options inspired from different cultures. Mother uses ethically sourced pastured organic meats, line caught fish, heritage crops and local medicinal herbs. The nourishing dishes and chill vibes at Mother will make you come back! We personally love their smoothie bowls and gingerbread latte! 


Dharma cafe 

Dharma cafe is one of our favourite Ubud restaurants for breakfast. Everything we tried on their menu is tasty and comes in good portions. The coffee at Dharma is also very good. Strong and smooth taste. Smoothiebowls are big with a great taste, the Avo trio is also very creative and vegan, and if you like a sweet breakfast then the waffles are a yummy option. With other words, it’s almost impossible to order something not tasty from the Dharma menu.


Blend Cafe 

For some of the most beautifully decorated smoothie bowls in Ubud you have to go to Blend cafe!  This small cafe makes an art piece of your smoothie bowl. Almost too beautiful to eat! The coffee at Blend is also from a very good taste, and besides their speciality in smoothie bowls there are more options on the menu such as pancakes, egg dishes, Chia pudding and more. Definitely a cafe you have to try in Ubud! 



Mudra is a small cafe serving great breakfast and lunch options. The smoothie bowls are some of the best we’ve had in Ubud. The menu is a bit pricier than other Ubud cafes, however the food is really tasty. One thing we personally didn’t like here was the coffee. Not strong enough in our opinion and we like our coffee with regular milk. Because Mudra is vegan you can only choose between coconut milk or almond milk. 



The laid-back, homely vibe of Kafe is perfect for those looking to eat in a chill, tropical setting. The menu of Kafe is very extensive with lots of different dishes. They use 100% natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients and the breakfast, lunch and dinner options are all great and so varied! Even the coffee is good at Kafe. If you don’t know what you want to eat, go to Kafe because there will most likely something on the menu that you’d love to order! In the weekend they have a special chicken roast. You can order a whole of half chicken for dinner which is amazingly tender and comes with enough side dishes to have a proper meal for two persons. We absolutely love almost everything on the menu at Kafe. From breakfast options, to the juices, coffee and dinner dishes. 


Usha Cafe & Bakery 

Usha us a Russian inspired restaurant in Ubud with a small menu but great if you’re looking for something different to eat! Or, if you’re Russian of course! The coffee at Usha is really good and we also loved the Raspberry porridge. 


Pukako Panini & Coffee

Pukako is a lovely small cafe tucked away in between the rice fields near Sari Organic walk. It’s a great place away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. Perfect to have a quiet breakfast or lunch. The classic modern concept and great choice of Panini’s, smoothie bowls, Avo toast and tasty coffee with ricefield view makes Pukako a great place for a break. 



Anomali has the best coffee in Ubud! In combination with also some of the tastiest croissants this is a great cafe if you fancy some sweets in combination with your daily caffeine shot. Anomali also has a breakfast and lunch menu with reasonable prices and good portions. But one thing you have to try is the Anomali coffee which is just outstanding! So strong and smooth in taste. We also loved the Almond croissant here, some of the best in Bali! 


Healthy Ubud 

As the name says, Healthy Ubud serves healthy food! The story of the owner is really cool as he started this business in Corona times to provide jobs for the locals. Starting with only a salad bowl, then menu has been expanded more and more ever since. With 100% plant based food and locally sourced ingredients, Healthy Ubud offers a great selection of breakfast options and very colourful salad bowls. 


Bitter Sweet

Located along Jalan Raya Monkey Forest, BitterSweet Ubud is a funky restaurant in Ubud for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The interior is very inspiring which makes it also a great place to work as Digital Nomad. The food is tasty and beautifully presented, however the portions are a bit small. Nevertheless, the seating is very comfortable and overall atmosphere very quirky. 



Sitting on top of a hill, the plant-based Zest Ubud is in a dream location, set within an elegant temple offering sprawling jungle views. The open-plan restaurant is breezy and relaxed with a beautifully decorated interior. While the menu is completely plant-based, even meat-lovers will be satisfied with the extensive menu. From breakfast to dinner, you can have a delicious vegan meal at Zest. 



Sage is another vegan restaurant in Ubud with great options. You can have good lunch and dinner options here and being one of the only vegan restaurants at this side of Ubud, it’s perfect when you are in this area and in need of some extra veggie intake. 


Milk & Madu Ubud

Milk and Madu is a modern Australian restaurant with an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Their pizza’s are also a great option if you want to go for dinner with a group of people and not only want to have Italian options on the menu. Breakfast options are great and something different than you can have at other cafes in Ubud. Look at these pictures and you’ll understand why! 



Seniman is a popular coffee bar with a slightly different coffee taste than other coffee shops in Ubud. They roast all of their own coffee and as soon as you walk into the shop you can smell the delicious coffee aroma. If you’re a true coffee lover you should try a coffee at Seniman at least once! The range of a unique taste and aroma from Seniman coffee makes their product so unique. The food is good as well, however a bit regular in taste and presentation, but good enough for a bite!  


Yellow Flower Cafe

Yellow Flower Cafe is a hidden treasure in Ubud and can only be reached by foot. It is located along a narrow local street surrounded by yoga houses with wonderful views. It overlooks the jungles on the outskirts of Ubud and on a clear day you can even see Mount Agung! The menu is varied with mostly Indonesian dishes but for breakfast you’ll have some great options as well. Smoothiebowls, pancakes or Avo on toast are some of the options. Not the best coffee in our opinion. 


Ithaka warung

Ithaka warung is an Indonesian restaurant with affordable prices offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Located north of Ubud, this cozy restaurant has ricefield view but is directly next to the road located. The portions are big and besides having great Indonesian and vegan options, the smoothie bowls for breakfast are also a must try! 


Seeds of Life

The Seeds of Life is a creative raw food cafe in Ubud with an impressive array of raw and very healthy creations. Besides the impressive amount of vegan food options, they also have a Taoist tonic bar and ancient tea house. Chinese master herbalists can prepare your healing drink in the Loloh Tonic Bar. It’s incredible how many options they offer! Together with the rich flavours of raw food, Seeds of Life is the perfect vegan restaurant in Ubud for healthy foodies.


Tropical Ants

Tropical Ants is some of the more cheaper restaurants in Ubud. The coffee is amazing here with a strong and deep taste. The food is good but don’t expect very fancy dishes here. However, Tropical Ants is some of the amazing Ubud restaurants with a view overlooking the rice terrace. Don’t order a smoothie bowl here because it is so liquid you can better drink it instead of eat it with a spoon. 


Shamana Mama

This cute cafe on Jalan Bisma is a great place for breakfast or lunch. With several sweet and savoury options you can have a nice meal here along a quiet street. There are also some Russian inspired dishes on the menu and vegetarians will have some options here as well. The coffee wasn’t our most favourite, but nevertheless a great spot to have a break when you’re nearby.  


Sayuri Healthy Food 

Sayuri is a great vegan restaurant in Ubud. Their menu is plant-based food which will give you a raw-living, mostly gluten-free food experience. Their menu is very extensive with great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also a shop inside Sayuri with all sorts of superfood powders and more. A great place if you’re looking for a vegan restaurant in Ubud.



Located outside of the centre of Ubud, Melali is a kind of hidden gem. However their menu doesn’t differ a lot to other cafes in Ubud I already mentioned in this blog post, it is worth it to check out when your close by! Coffee is good, interior is beautiful and the food is good. But a bit small portions in comparison to what you pay for it. For example here you get 1 slice of bread with topping when you order avo toast. While at Kafe and Suka you get two slices of bread. 


Best restaurants in Ubud for dinner 


If you want to taste some of the best Indonesian food in Ubud then you have to go to Kemulan! Their extensive menu has a great variety in choice of amazing Indonesian dishes. It’s a very fair price for the beautifully presented, fresh Indonesian gourmet food. If you’re looking for something in between the warungs and more expensive restaurants in Ubud, then Kemulan is the place to go. Also their juices, Arak cocktails and other drinks are very good. Exceptionally great Indonesian cuisine for a very good price. We returned many times to Kemulan for their delicious dishes. Our favourites were the Kemulan Sate, rice paper rolls and Crispy Ikan. Definitely one of the best places to eat in Ubud!


Batubara Woodfire

If you fancy a really good steak grilled on a wood fire BBQ, then Batubara Woodfire in Ubud is the place to go. The South American, Argentinian cuisine offers some incredible wines together with some of the best steaks we’ve ever had. So tender and cooked to perfection. 

You can choose from different steak and fish varieties and order side dishes separately. The steak is first prepared on the wood fire BBQ and then it gets brought to you on a smaller BBQ so you can tell the server how you want your meat. The Rosemary they put in the fire gives a very signature taste to the meat. This is absolutely the place to go for the best meat in Ubud!


La Baracca

La Baracca has some of the best pizza in Ubud! Run by an Italian lady, La Baracca not only has pizza and pasta, but also other Italian dishes. The crust of La Baracca pizza’s are so perfect, and if you like the ring around the pizza (for insiders, the cornicione) to be thick and soft, then you’re at the right place! However La Baracca also has gluten free pizza’s that have a thin crust. have a very thick but soft  With a retro casual atmosphere, La Baracca is some of the best Italian restaurants in Ubud. A must try if you fancy a dinner with lots of carbs. 


Pomegranate Cafe Ubud 

Pomegranate is a lovely cafe in Ubud with rice terrace view. And on top of that, Pomegranate Cafe Ubud is the perfect place to watch the sunset! This charming, intimate open air cafe with high ceilings can’t be reached by car which makes it even extra special and quiet. Also, you must take your shoes off when you enter the cafe which gives an extra homey feeling. There are normal chairs with a table but also cushions on the floor that have front row view to the ricefields. The menu is a bit limited in choice but the taste of the food is good. Try the Noodle dish with chicken, very rich flavor!


Muse Cafe & Art

Some of the best food in Ubud! Muse has a contemporary cuisine inspired by traditional recipes of India, the Middle East and the Mediterranean with a focus on healthy comfort food. Think about Grandma’s recipes with a healthy modern twist. Located 5 minutes outside of Ubud centre, you have to try Muse at least once! We absolutely love the Butter Chicken here, without a doubt the best Butter Chicken in Bali! But also the other dishes on the menu are outstanding. Never had a bad dinner or breakfast here. 


Siam Thai

If you fancy some Thai food then Warung Siam is a great place to go. There are not many Thai restaurants in Ubud, but Siam delivers the flavours from Thailand to Ubud. Although their menu is not very extensive, the options are good and the dishes are tasty. 


Cerita Manisan

At Manisan, you will experience the authentic flavours of Indonesia. Their menu consists of Asian cuisine with rich flavors. It’s a great place to enjoy the local food of Indonesia with a classy twist. The options on the menu are limited but therefore it’s rather a classy dining experience. A bit more upscale and pricier than for example Kemulan, where you can have in my opinion also amazing Indonesian food.


Toro Sushi Ubud 

We all crave for sushi sometimes don’t we? Luckily there are some great sushi restaurants in Ubud, but some of the best sushi in Ubud can be found at Toro. Price quality value is great, however the staff here can be more attentive to the customers. 


Nostimo Greek Grill Ubud 

If you fancy delicious Greek food, then go to Nostimo. This Mediterranean restaurant serves amazing Greek food. Tender chicken and meat and big portions. With a completely Greek ambiance you almost forget that you’re in Ubud. Definitely a great place to go when you have a big appetite! 


Pesona lounge

Pesona is a very vibrant and fancy Indian restaurant in Ubud. They dishes are very tasty with vegetarian option as well. Nicely presented and absolutely a very trendy interior. A nice place to have dinner with friends. Not the cheapest place, but great for a once in a while dinner. 



Suku is a newly opened restaurant in Ubud in late 2021. The stylish design and their commitment to sustainability that nothing goes to waste is a fantastic vision. They have a farm to table concept and besides very tasty and beautifully presented food, the cocktails at Suku are something very, very special. It’s a cosy but hip restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Seeds eatery Ubud 

Seeds eatery (not to be mixed up with Seeds of Life! Completely different concept), is a Chinese, Thai fusion restaurant along the main road in Ubud, Jalan Pengosekan. With a very rich flavour, you will taste some of the best Thai inspired dishes here. No wonder that the Thai and Chinese community flocks to this place. It’s a bit hard to get a table here as there are not many spots. So to be sure to have a table, reservation is needed. Also, keep in mind that parking your car along the road isn’t possible. 


Clear Cafe Ubud

Clear Cafe is a unique concept with awesome architecture and real Ubud vibes. Take off your shoes once you step inside of the Clear Cafe world and let yourself be surprised by the beautiful greenery and fantastic design. With a menu that serves dishes from Thailand to India and Indonesian cuisine, there is plenty of choice for as well fish lovers and vegetarians. Clear Cafe doesn’t serve any dishes with meat or chicken.


Herb Library

Part of the hotel Adiwana Jembawan, the restaurant Herb Library is tucked away in a quiet street of Ubud centre. Offering meals with 90% locally sourced ingredients, the menu of Herb Library includes an interesting selection of Balinese, Indonesian and other dishes that have a multi-cultural heritage. The heathy options vary from vegetarian dishes as well with chicken. The restaurant has a charming ambiance and is a great option for as well breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Best Fine dining restaurants in Ubud

Mozaic restaurant Ubud

Mozaic restaurant Ubud offers a very unique dining experience in Ubud. This gastronomic restaurant with a very tasting menu is a perfect option to celebrate a special occasion. With tables set in a romantic garden, you can choose for the dinner from their set 6 or 8 course and even take the option to match it with Premium Wines per course. A very unique and tasteful experience with beautifully decorated dishes that will tickle your taste buds. Expect to pay at least around 1 Million IDR per person for the 6 course dinner. Worth it if you love to have a fine dining experience in Ubud. 


The Sayan House

The Sayan House is one of the best Ubud restaurants with a view. Overlooking a beautiful green valley and Four Seasons resort, this restaurant in something different. Serving a Japanese-Latin Fusion cuisine with an elegant yet cozy dining setting, this is not the restaurant where you’ll go everyday but it is the perfect spot for a special occasion. There are two dining areas, the dining room with a roof and the veranda with a nice cocktail bar which is closer to the edge and doesn’t have a roof. On rainy days you can better make a reservation because The Sayan House is a popular place to go in Ubud. 


Akar restaurant 

Akar restaurant is part of K Club Ubud and is a beautifully designed open air two story bamboo building with views on the Ubud jungle. It gives a luxury yet modern and natural feel while enjoying Akar restaurant. The menu is varied with Indonesian and some Western options but with main focus to deliver organic farm to table dishes. A great choice if you’re looking for a chic yet chill restaurant to dine. The cocktails at Akar are delicious and a must try! Look at the one we had with the bubble on top! We were blown away by the presentation. 


Apsara Contemporary Indian Dining

Newly opened in 2022, Apsara Contemporary Indian Dining is an Indian tapas restaurant in the centre of Ubud. It is the only Indian fine dining restaurant in Ubud and gives a unique, fresh, surprising and authentic twist to Indian cuisine in a cosy decor. There aren’t much tables available, so especially in the weekends it is recommended to make a reservation. 



Locavore is another gourmet fine dining experience in Ubud. Located along Jalan Dewi Sita, Locavore serves a modern, contemporary European cuisine using local, seasonal ingredients. It serves a bit more ‘out of the comfortzone’ ingredients such as raw goat, beef tongue, beef heart, sea urchin, durian sambal etc. So Locavore is a great option for the adventurous foodies. In terms of setting, I personally think Mozaic has a nicer area surrounded by greenery in their romantic garden while Locavore is indoor dining. 

More Fine dining restaurants in Ubud

There are many more fine dining restaurants in Ubud, but we couldn’t try them all (yet!).

Here a list of fine dining restaurants in Ubud which are also recommend by other travellers.

  • Copper kitchen, part of Bisma Eight
  • Padi Fine dining
  • Swept Away Ubud

Best places to stay in Ubud

If you plan on staying in Ubud then there are plenty of jungle resorts and private villa’s to choose from. We have stayed at some amazing hotels, villa’s and resorts in Ubud, so hereby our recommendations.

→ Check out this great tool to compare prices on hotels around the world and book your favorite hotel!

Super Luxury hotels in Ubud

Book here your stay at Four Seasons Sayan Ubud

Located in the lush valley of Sayan with views on the Ayung river, Four Seasons Ubud offers her guests an extraordinary experience with top class service. The private villas with pool are very spacious, luxury and besides that the resort offers an outdoor pool, four dining options and a gym.

Book here your stay at COMO Shambala Ubud

COMO Shambala is a true wellness sanctuary in the jungle of Ubud. The holistic, Asian-inspired body treatments which can include your stay at COMO Shambala are specifically designed to rejuvenate and restore the body. The private villa’s at COMO Shambala are incredibly big with each their own private pool and butler.

Book here your stay at Capella Ubud

If you love being close to nature with all luxury comforts, then glamping at Capella Ubud is the experience for you. The tented accommodation with salt water pools amidst Ubud’s lush greenery is some of the most unique experiences in Ubud.


Mid Luxury hotels in Ubud

Book here your stay at Kamandalu

Kamandalu is designed to capture the essence of a real-life Balinese village. The authentic villa’s and style of the 5 star resort really gives you the feeling that you’re in Bali. With many awesome experiences inside the resort such as the jungle swing, boat lunch and romantic dinner, you almost don’t have to leave the resort.

Book here your stay at Alila Ubud

Alila Ubud is a fantastic getaway for the whole family with an incredible infinity pool overlooking the lush valley. The hotel offers rooms and private villa’s, with and without pool. All rooms have views on the green surroundings. With a Spa, great restaurant and plenty of activities, you can enjoy your time at Alila Ubud all day long!

Book here your stay at COMO Uma Ubud

COMO Uma Ubud is a bit more affordable than COMO Shambala but still offers the hospitality and quality of the COMO brand. With beautiful villa’s with views on the jungle but still close to the centre in Ubud you can have best of both worlds at COMO Uma Ubud.


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