Bali has gained a lot of fame through Instagram. A lot of spots on the island are super photogenic and has even since been shared many, many times on Instagram. The island has so many instagrammable places, you can get a great Instagram shot in many different scenes. Waterfalls, tropical sunsets, magical sunrises, hanging palm trees, beautiful temples, the cute and instagrammable cafes. In Bali you’ll never stop photographing as there is something interesting on every corner. In this blog post, you will find the best Instagram spots in Bali.  

Handara gate

The Handara Gate is actually the entrance to the Handara Golf Resort. The traditional Hindu gate symbolizes the entrance from the outer world to the temple, or in this case, golf course. You will see a lot of these gates as they play an important role in Indonesian culture, particularly in Bali. The Handara gate is surrounded by lush mountains, crater lakes and rain forest that create dramatic backdrops, especially on a foggy morning. That makes it the perfect location for an Instagram shot.  The Handara gate is located in Pancasari Village Bedugul, the central highlands of Bali and nestled down inside the crater of an extinct volcano.

Getting there: Located on the road from Ulun Danu Bratan temple towards North Bali you will pass this gate on your right side.

Entrance fee: Because this spot became so popular with Instagrammers and travelers, locals have set up a ticket booth. There you have to pay for a “Selfie ticket”  30.000 IDR fee per person.

Best time to go: Due to its popularity this place gets really crowded during the day. The best time to go here is with sunrise or right after to beat the crowds. Therefore you can easily combine this spot after you watched the sunrise at Pura Ulun Danu as it’s just 5 minutes further.

Photo tip: The best way to capture this beautiful gate is to make a shot right in front while your model is walking on the road. But if you have a drone you will also be able to capture the gate from another angle. See our shots from the Handara gate below.


Bukit Cinta sunrise viewpoint on Mount Agung

For one of the best views on Mount Agung you have to go to Bukit Cinta, the ‘hill of love’. Especially if you stay in Amed the drive to Bukit Cinta is short, just around 30 minutes. On a clear morning, you will have the best view on Mount Agung. And if you’re lucky there will be some fog, in combination with smoke. Those are the best conditions to take your shot!

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Getting there: Type in Bukit Cinta on your Google Maps. It is an easy drive, especially when you’re located in Amed. The roads are good and can be a bit steep because you have to go up in the mountains. Therefore it can be cold during the early morning on the scooter! Once you arrive at Bukit Cinta you can park your scooter easily at the side of the road and enter the field where you can take your pictures.

Entrance fee: Free.

Best time to go: Arrive fifteen minutes before sunrise to give yourself the time to do your research at the location and set up your gear.

Photo tip: If the grass is high enough you can use it as framing in your shot to create depth, see the picture below. Use your model in this shot to show the perspective of the immense Mount Agung. If you have a drone you can make your shot from the volcano higher, but take into account that the volcano will look a bit smaller because the drone has a wider lens. Although you can adjust this a little bit in Lightroom with distortion.


Sekumpul waterfall to capture the power of nature

Sekumpul waterfall will give you the feeling as if you’re in Jurassic Park. The height and speed at which the water gushes down is impressive. Located in North Bali this waterfall is a must add to your Bali bucket list! It’s one of the best Instagram spots in Bali and for sure one of our favorite Bali waterfalls together with NungNung and Tibumana. But there is one thing to keep in mind before you enter Sekumpul waterfall.

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Getting there: There are two ways to get to this waterfall, from the car park of Sekumpul waterfall, which is the downstream part and the best place to access all 7 waterfalls in this area. You can also enter the falls from the other side at Lemukih village which is the upstream side.

Entrance fee: 20.000 IDR per person. But since February 2019 there is a fence when you enter the downstream part. Locals await you and charge you money as your guide, around 100.000 IDR. This is questionable because in this way they force you to pay. While before you only had to pay the 20K entrance ticket and could go by yourself. So use your bargaining skills and try to lower the costs as much as possible!

Best time to go for photos: The (early) morning is the best time to go to Sekumpul because of many reasons. First, the light. If you arrive here around 9 or 10 am the waterfall is still in the shade, therefore it won’t be blown out by the sun and you won’t be overheated while shooting. Second, fewer tourists that gives you more time and possibilities for different angles.

Photo tip: There is an awesome rock where your model can climb on to give perspective to the waterfall. But there are also many other angles to make your shot. For example where you can use leaves as a foreground to create extra depth in your shot.


Sunset at Pigstone beach

This long stretched black sand beach is a nice and quiet getaway from the busy beaches in Canggu. Only thing is, on this beach it is allowed to drive with motorbikes. So there are some moments where you might see, and hear, motorbikes crossing over the beach. But, the main reason why you’re going to Pigstone beach is to enjoy the beautiful view during sunset under that one palm tree on a small hill. When you’ve parked your scooter and enter the beach, you have to walk to the right side for 10 minutes. There you will see the single palm tree on top of a little hill. Another instagrammable spot in Bali!

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Getting there: Located 12 km west of Canggu, you will reach this beach in more less a 30 min drive.

Entrance fee: No entrance and parking fee.

Best time to go: An hour before sunset (or even earlier if you want to escape the crowded Canggu beaches).

Photo tip: This is a cool spot to have a single palm tree in your frame. It’s minimalistic but beautiful. You can put your camera on a tripod and frame the hill and its palm tree from a lower perspective. Or when you have a drone, you can get another perspective with the palm tree, beach and the sea during sunset. Both examples can be seen below in our pictures.


Infinity pool

If you haven’t been in an infinity pool or private pool during your time in Bali, have you actually been in Bali?! Haha joking, but to be honest, there are some beautiful infinity pools around Bali where you have to dive into! It’s also a perfect place for your Bali Instagram shot, but where can you find these beautiful pools?

Below a summary of the best beach clubs with infinity pool in Bali! For some beach clubs you have to pay entrance or rent for a sunbed, but for example for the Lawn in Canggu not. Check before on the website of these beach clubs what the rules are to make use of their infinity pool.


Karang Boma cliff 

With an incredible 180 degrees view on the Indian ocean, this cliff is one of the best, if not THE best spot to watch the sunset in Bali. We had an unforgettable afternoon with friends watching and shooting the sunset from this viewpoint. The Karang Boma cliff has become a famous and one the best Instagram spots in Bali and it’s easy to understand why. There is enough space to just sit down and enjoy this wonderful view. Take a towel with you to sit on, eventually some snacks and drinks, and you will have one of the most memorable afternoons in Bali!

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Getting there: Located in Nusa Dua, the southern tip of Bali, Karang Boma cliff is easy to reach. Type in Karang Boma Google Maps and you will get there easily!

Entrance fee: No entrance fee.

Best time to go: You will have the stunning 180 degrees view always. But the most magical time to get to this spot is of course for the sunset views. As it is located on the South-West of Bali, you will have the best view on the sunset.

Photo tip: If you want to take a picture standing on the cliff you will need a tripod to mount your camera on and a remote control to make your pictures at distance. The best framing is from the opposite of the cliff you’re standing on. You will need a wide-angle lens for this.


Cute instagrammable cafes

Canggu is a foodie heaven. There are so many healthy restaurants to choose from, you can have mouth-watering meals every day. Or even better, 2 – 3 times a day haha! From Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Vegan, and of course Indonesian, all top class food is available in Canggu. You won’t get disappointed if you visit one of these restaurants! Below you will see a list of the best Instagram spots in Bali to grab lunch and take your Instagram foodie shot!

Secret Spot. Best coffee in Canggu Bali and amazing smoothie bowls and buckwheat waffles (don’t tell anyone else, it’s secret!)

Duatiga. Also great coffee, but not as good as Secret Spot. Also amazing smoothie bowls, burritos and other great food.

The Mocca. The way they decorate the food almost makes you feel sorry to eat it!

Shady Shack for the best vegan lunch or dinner. Even Atiba as a real meat lover has approved this restaurant and think this vegan food tastes great!

Ji restaurant for sushi. It’s more expensive than a normal evening in Canggu but really worth it if you want to treat yourself and loved one!

Peleton Supershop. Also like Shady Shack the best vegan meal for a great lunch or dinner!

I Am Vegan Babe

Kynd Community

Motion Cafe


Tegalalang rice terraces for magical morning light

The Tegalalang rice terraces are, also like Jatiluweh, one of the iconic must-visit locations in Bali. Especially with sunrise are the rice paddies a photographers dream.  But you have to be lucky with the light rays, the perfect conditions are not there every morning. But if the light rays are coming through the trees, you are in for a real treat!! This is certainly one of the best Instagram spots in Bali!

Getting there: Just a 15-minute drive from the North of Ubud or an hour drive from Canggu.

Entrance fee: A donation. But if you want to photograph the light rays in the rice fields you have to give the landowner Wayan 50K to get on the rice fields.

Best time to go: Make sure to arrive half an hour before sunrise. This will give you the time to walk from the car park to the place where you will get the magical light rays through the palm trees. Also, take into account that the terraces will look different during each season. The best time to go is in September – October and March – April right before they harvest the rice.

Photo tip: There are so many different angles which you can shoot here! Try lower angles, especially when the rice is fully grown so you can catch the magical morning dawn of the grass. Also other angles at Tegalalang are really worth to try out. Get some inspiration from our shots below. With your drone you can get a completely different perspective, it’s so much fun shooting here!

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Sunset at Pasut beach for the hanging palm tree

Palm trees & sunsets, if that isn’t instagrammable, than I don’t know! Pasut beach is a long stretch black sand beach 25km west of Canggu facing the tip of Java. With a hanging palm tree on the beach and a bunch of palm trees together on a grass-field, this is the perfect spot to just sit back and enjoy the sunset. And of course snap some cliche shots of palm trees with sunset. A must add on your best Instagram spots in Bali list!

Getting there: An hour drive from Canggu is Pasut beach located. When you enter the beach, you’ll see the hanging palm tree on your right. On the left side you will see a bunch of palm trees which is also a really cool place to just hang out.

Entrance fee: No entrance, only a parking fee of 2.000 IDR.

Best time to go: Best is to leave Canggu at 4 to have enough time to explore the beach and its surroundings. Colors of the sunset might go wild when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. So don’t leave the beach directly after the sun is gone. When you’re lucky you might see the sky on fire!

Photo tip: There are at least 3 awesome spots where you can take your sunset pictures. See our pictures below.

Photospot 1: the hanging palm tree. Climb in the tree and find the right angle to have the palm tree, beach and sea in your frame. You need a wide-angle lens here.

Photospot 2: the palm tree forest. Also here you will need a wide-angle lens.

Photospot 3: Reflection near the shore where the waves roll out. If the water pulls back into the sea, you will see that the sky reflects on the sand because its still a bit wet. That is the perfect timing to take a shot and take advantage of the reflections on the sand.


Campuhan ridge walk in Ubud

Hidden in the center of Ubud, this valley is an ideal place to unwind and take in the jungle nature surroundings that makes Ubud so relaxing. A great morning stroll of 1.5 km without the need to dress in your hiking gear. The windy pathway will take you up and downhill providing you with a stunning view over the surrounding scenery before leading you through rice fields. It’s a beautiful place and must be on your list to the best Instagram spots in Bali. Although the path is situated right next to the hustle and bustle of Ubud it almost feels like a different world. So lush, so green and so quiet! The best time to go here is with sunrise. It’s way cooler than during the day without having shade. Also with sunrise or in the early morning,  you will have the view to yourself so you can simply enjoy the peace and quietness.

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Getting there: Located in the center of Ubud but still a bit hidden, this place might be hard to find. If you spot the ‘IBAH luxury villas and spa’ sign, you turn straight into that road and you will find the carpark. There you will find other signs which lead you to the trail.

Entrance fee: No fee.

Best time to go: Of course with sunrise or early morning because it’s not that hot yet. Also you’ll have nice soft light for the perfect shot!

Photo tip: If you have a drone you have to use it here. On a clear day, you can even see the Mt Agung and Mt Batur in the distance! You can frame the path as you can see on our picture below. Or with your hand camera, you can frame the path where it goes up with the palm tree in it.


Pura Lempuyang Luhur

Pura Lempuyang Luhur temple is one of the oldest and most sacred temples on the island. Also known as “Bali’s gateway to heaven” because of its amazing view on the Mount Agung volcano through the perfectly framed two temple gates. This temple with its incredible view is for sure one of the most special Bali viewpoints and one of the best Instagram spots in Bali. The Balinese Hindu temple is located in the slope of Mount Lempuyang, 600 meters above sea level. In the past years, this temple has become extremely popular on Instagram and is visited by many tourists nowadays. Therefore you have to be early at this temple, otherwise there is a chance there will be a queue to take a photo between the gates.

Getting there: Located on the most eastern tip of the island, Pura Lempuyang Luhur Temple is around 2 hours from Ubud and 2 and a half hours from Canggu. Therefore we would recommend staying in Amed, as it’s only half an hour drive and you can also explore the other amazing spots on the East part of Bali.

Entrance fee: The temple asks for a donation, 10.000 – 30.000 IDR is a normal price.

Best time to go: If you want to beat the crowds nowadays you have to go with sunrise. Otherwise you have a big chance there is a queue, some people said they even had to wait for hours until they could take their photo! We went to this temple in 2016 and were the only ones for 2 hours…

Photo tip: If you have a tele lens you’ll be able to make the volcano look bigger. But most important is that you frame the gates with the volcano right in the middle. Nowadays there is also a local at the temple who takes photos with his iPhone and a mirror under the lens. This creates a reflection of the temple gate and volcano.


Tukad Cepung waterfall for the magical light rays

Located nearby Ubud this waterfall can easily be combined with a visit to Tibumana waterfall and Tegenungan waterfall. Tukad Cepung waterfall is secluded in a cave where the water pours straight down along rocks. It looks like a beautiful curtain of satin. When you’re going here on a sunny day you’ll be in for a real treat. The magical light rays will show their beauty and create light beams you’ve never seen before. If you turn your back to the waterfall you will see a few rocks piled up where the light rays shine perfectly on. This is your second photo spot of this location! Climb up the rocks with the mounted staircase and stand in the light for a special shot! This is for sure one of the best Instagram spots in Bali!

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Getting there: Google maps will easily bring you to the car park. There you can buy your entrance ticket and hike down for 10 minutes until you reach the cave. There you have to wade a little bit through water and climb over some rocks to finally see the waterfall.

Entrance fee: 15.000 IDR per person.

Best time to go for photos: The best chance of catching the light rays through the cave roof is in the morning, depending on the season, between 9 and 11 am. This is also the busiest time of the day for the waterfall, so be prepared to queue to take your picture.

Photo tip: It will be dark in the cave, which might result in dark photos at first sight. Try to set your aperture as low as possible, F2.8 or lower. And if really necessary your ISO a little bit higher. But in this situation, you better can have too dark pictures which you can adjust in Lightroom, then too overexposed photos as you’ll never see the contrast of the light rays anymore.


Mount Batur sunrise hike

One of the best things to do in Bali, and especially one of the best sunrise locations in Bali, is from the summit of Mount Batur. After a 2 hour hike in the dark under a sky full of stars, you will arrive at the top of Mount Batur which is 1717 meters. The best way to do this hike is with a guided tour. You will get picked up from your hotel and drive to the car park of Mt Batur. Together with a guide who knows which paths to take on this mostly off-road trails and rocky terrain you will hike to the top.

Read in our complete guide all the information you need before climbing the Mount Batur with sunrise.

Once you reach the top, the view is absolutely incredible! Slowly you will see the sky changing colors, low hanging clouds passing by, as finally the sun shows up and lights up the earth. It almost feels as if you’re on top of the world!


Getting there: If you’ve booked a tour to climb the Mount Batur you will be picked up from your hotel by the tour company.

Entrance fee: Most tours are around 350.000 IDR. Check what is included or not.

Best time to go: Of course sunrise for the most magical view.

Photo tip: If you have a drone you will love to fly it here! There are so many amazing angles to capture and the texture of mother earth is insane from a bird’s eye view. With your hand camera you will need a wide angles lens to capture the view. But we experienced that a tele lens is also an amazing addition to take with you. You’ll be able to catch a lot of details. See the pictures we made below as example.

More Bali Instagram spots

Of course there are way more Bali Instagram spots than I could share in this blog post. Below you will find a summary of other Instagram spots you can combine while exploring the island.

Tirta Gangga water palace in Amed

Ubud swing

I Love Bali sign in Ubud

Bird’s nest at Wanagiri Hidden hills

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