Tucked away in the dense jungle of Geopark Rinjani are Benang Stokel Waterfall and Benang Kelambu Waterfall located. These beautiful Lombok waterfalls are worth a visit when you’re exploring the island. Flowing down a lush green wall, you will feel as if you’ve entered another world. But you have to know some inside information before visiting these waterfalls in Central Lombok. Find all the information you need to know before visiting Benang Stokel Waterfall and Benang Kelambu Waterfall in this complete guide!

How to get to Benang Stokel and Kelambu waterfall

Set your navigation to Geopark Rinjani where the waterfalls are located and drive pass the entrance. Follow the signs with Benang Stokel and Kelambu waterfall and you will get to the actual entrance of the waterfalls. There you can park your bike and hike for around 10 minutes to the first waterfall.


Entrance to Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel waterfall. Drive pass this entrance and follow the signs to the waterfalls.


Entrance to Benang Kelambu waterfall

Entrance fee waterfalls

It’s a bit doubtful how it goes with the entrance fee at this waterfall. We’ve heard that people had to pay about 30,000-35,000 IDR entrance fee per person to see both waterfalls. But they also told us that the people working at the ticket office want to sell you a “tour guide” for 80,000 IDR per person. Be aware of this, because it is a kind a rip off. You absolutely don’t need a guide for these waterfalls! They are super easy and safe to get to! Insisting on a tour guide is just another thing to make money from for the guys at the ticket booth.


Topdown drone shot of Benang Kelambu waterfall Lombok

What to expect at Benang Stokel and Kelambu waterfall

Benang Kelambu waterfall

With water seemingly appearing from the bushes, this is a really unique waterfall. An epic wall of vines hides multiple cascades that flow quietly down the wall. We’ve never seen anything like it and felt as if we were in a scene of Jurassic Parc!

There are two medium sized pools at the bottom of the falls that have been made for swimming and relaxing in the in the natural surroundings.

The 10 minute walk to Benang Kelambu waterfall is easy with the paved tracks on the way down. Be careful because it can be slippery, especially when you cross the pool at the bottom of the falls!


Once arrived at the bottom of the waterfall it is almost unreal to see how this waterfall is originated. The water flows down a wall of vines into a man made pool and it is truly a unique sight. If you’d like to you can take a dip in the pool or cool off underneath the spray of the falls.


Benang Stokel waterfall

After hanging around at Benang Kelambu for long enough, we headed to the next waterfall on our list, Benang Stokel. After about 10-15 minutes walking, you will arrive at Benang Stokel Falls. When we arrived, the pool below the falls was very shallow so we were not able to swim. But the beautiful jungle surroundings, the height of the falls and the rainbow with the waterfalls were just amazing. 


If you’re an adrenaline junkie and you’d like to do some waterfall cliff jumps, head on to the jumping spot. When you pass the bridge on the way into the falls, you will have the jumping spot on the left side of the bridge. The jump is around 11 metres high and only can be done when you’ve checked the depth. Please don’t do this without knowing for sure it is possible.


Be aware for typical scams in Lombok

During our time in Lombok we had a few encounters with potential scammers. But we also heard stories about tourists being scammed. I absolutely don’t want to discourage you to travel to Lombok, because the island is beautiful and has lots of things to offer. But I do want to warn you for a few potential scams to make your trip to Lombok a beautiful memory!

Motorbike rental

Please be alert when you rent a motorbike. There are a few potential scams possible with renting motorbikes.
1. Paying for damage you didn’t make. How to avoid?
Always check AND photograph scratches or other damage to the motorbike you rent. Do this together with the person you rent the bike from. Don’t feel ashamed to do this! In this way you have prove that certain scratches were already on the motorbike. Otherwise you have the chance that these people want to scam you by paying for the damage on the motorbike you didn’t make.
2. Your motorbike gets stolen but is surprisingly found by other locals (or not!) who insist and sometimes even threaten you to pay. How to avoid?
Make sure to check reviews of the party you want to rent from, or rent directly from the place where you’re staying. Mostly these people work together with a group, and they share their proceeds with each other. For more information, read this article on Lonely Planet about someones experience being scammed in Lombok with a stolen motorbike.  

Surfboard damage

Same as what happens with motorbike rental. When you hand in the surfboard at the surf school, they say that you made a scratch and insist you to pay for the damage. How to avoid? Same as with the motorbike rental. Always check AND photograph scratches or other damage to the surfboard together with the person you’re renting from. 

“You need a guide” waterfalls scam

How to avoid? Either go very, very early (before the ticket office opens), or make sure you’re very steadfast in negotiating. The locals want to earn some extra money by walking with you to the waterfalls “as your guide”. They say “you need a guide to go to the waterfalls”. That’s just nonsense, because the paths to the waterfalls are very straight forward. You can’t get lost, it’s not a tricky hike or whatsoever. 

Mount Rinjani trekking scam

How to avoid? Go to either Senaru or Sembalun directly and talk to the companies there. Always read reviews before booking a tour with a company! Trekking Mount Rinjani is a serious thing and requires a serious company to guide you! Don’t book in Kuta because they add up a lot of costs.

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