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Batu Bolong beach is the most popular and busy place in Canggu to surf and chill. It can be found at the end of the busiest and coolest street of Canggu where you’re always guaranteed for a great atmosphere, whether it’s day or night. Batu Bolong beach itself is1.5km wide stretch of black sand. With waves rolling in all year long, and the many surf schools lining up the beach, it’s not a surprise that there is a real surfers vibe here. There are also many restaurants, beach bars and one luxury beach club with swimming pool. Enough to do and explore! Read everything about Batu Bolong beach in this blog post.

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About Batu Bolong Beach Bali

Pantai Batu Bolong, Echo Beach and Berawa are the three main Canggu beaches. Even though they have different names, they’re actually just a continuation of the same stretch of sand which continues to Seminyak and even further south to Kuta. Batu Bolong Beach is ‘the heart’ of Canggu where everything happens, day and night!

The famous Old Mans beach bar is situated at the parking area of Batu Bolong, but also other beach bars can be found at the beach. You can choose to watch the sunset with your feet in the sand, or with a beer at the bar of Old Mans, or the cafes situated on the cliff overlooking the beach and ocean.

This place is always packed with tourists as this is where the majority of people gather to watch the sunset with their feet in the sand, surf, do beach clean ups, having drinks at one of the restaurants or to explore the weekend markets.


How to get to Batu Bolong Beach Bali

It is super easy to find, you can’t miss it! At the end of the main street in Canggu and directly in front of Old Man’s Beach Bar & Restaurant you will find the entrance of the beach. For those staying in Canggu, it’s easily to walk from the main street.

Parking fee is 2000 IDR.


Surfing at Batu Bolong beach

With waves rolling in all year long, Batu Bolong is where surfers feel at home. The waves are usually slow and not too big here, so it’s perfect to learn surfing here! But the line-up gets very crowded. Especially in the morning from about 8 AM for a couple of hours and then again in the afternoon until sunset. So if you want to learn surfing and not crash into others, it’s best to start your day super early. Get on your board right after sunrise which is the perfect way to wake up 😉

Prices surf lesson; The average price for 1 surf lesson is about $30-35 USD per person, but most of times it’s negotiable.

Prices renting a surf board; For 2 hours you pay about 50K to rent a surfboard. For one day you pay around 100K.

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I surfed or the very first time here with Surf With Aldo who taught me how to surf. It was an incredible experience and I caught a few waves in my very first lesson.

Watch the promotional video HERE we shot for Surf With Aldo to see my very first time surfing! 

Things to do at Batu Bolong Beach Bali

Except for surfing, there are some other things to do at the beach. Or course you can chill at one of the bars where you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for the day that are usually around 50.000 IDR per person. Or you can relax at the more luxury The Lawn which also has a swimming pool overlooking the ocean.


Around sunset many people gather to the beach to watch the sunset with a beer, coconut and sweet barbecued corn. On some days, mostly weekends, there is even live music at the Sand Bar.


Old Mans is also a very popular place for tourists to drink a beer and watch the sunset. Once a month there is even a weekend market going on at Old Mans where local shops present their, mostly organic, clothes and food.


Things to do around Batu Bolong Beach Canggu

There is always a lot going on in Canggu, so keep an eye on posters and advertisements for all the parties and events going on in the area throughout the year. The other popular beach in Canggu is Echo beach, read the complete guide here.

The massages in Canggu are also very good, you will need it after your first surf lessons! I recommend Lotus massage and Chillax. They have fair prices, a varied massage menu and the therapists are strong.

Of course there are also many amazing restaurants in Canggu that you have to try!

Many new hotels and guesthouses are built in the past year in Canggu, so there is something to choose for everyone!

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